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Document Editing and Annotation tools are enabled even when user has read-only access

This idea is specific to VirtualViewer with Alfresco connector.

"See attached for UI issue where user in Alfresco that only has read-only access to the document is still able to go through the motion of making document edits and annotations in VirtualViewer even though they won't be saved in the end. This is misleading and poses as risk for info (if not efficiency) being lost due to misunderstanding. Is there an easy method to disable the VV document editing and annotation features when the user does not have proper access? The actions in question are circled in the attached screenshot. Thank in advance for your assistance and guidance."

Customer wants Alfresco user group permissions to enable or disable VV features. Users set to Read Only within Alfresco shouldn't have access to edit the document.

Customers user story:

Overview: Document editing and annotation tools and actions in VirtualViewer should disabled when Alfresco users do not have access to save changes to documents.

User Stories and Conditions: VirtualViewer toolbar options and action menu items (under thumbnails tab) are disabled when user has read-only access to the document in focus so that users are not able to go through the motion of adding annotations or making document page edits. However, users with read-only access should still be able to see reference of who added and edited previous annotations on the current document.

Current Feature: The system does not restrict this behavior today, so users are able to go through the full motion of adding several annotations and document edits (across various pages) prior losing all the additions and edits after they click the Save icon. If the user didn't add any annotations or make any edits to the 1st page of the document in focus, then they may not even realize their additions/edits were lost because there's no obvious indication of this loss.

User Stories and Conditions
Admin wants to disable editing the file for any user with Read Only permissions within Alfresco.
Make sure any feature that edits the file doesn't work

Their current request involves an Alfresco user group that is set to Read Only. They want to disable

  • The entire annotation toolbar

  • Save Document

  • Save Document As

  • Crop
    And from the Thumbnail pane context menu

  • Cut

  • Delete

  • Insert Before

  • Insert After

  • Cut to New Document

  • Add Bookmark
    Also, they want the Read Only user to be able to view the Annotation context menu user information, Created By and Date.

  • Erik Christensen
  • Apr 10 2023
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