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As a customer, I would like VirtualViewer to preserve PDF accessibility tags for screen readers

We have a PDF and we noticed that it strips all accessibility tags that our External Communications team adds to the document per our enterprise accessibility standards.The tags that are stripped are required by screen readers and are added for that purpose. The metadata is also utilized for accessibility. Can this data be preserved when rendered by VV? We also expect the tags to be present when the document is exported as PDF.

We cannot mandate what screen readers customers use, but a popular one is Jaws

Third party screen readers such as Jaws will read text in the order defined in the PDF accessibility tags.

From a performance standpoint, since accessible documents mays be larger in size, it would be ideal to have a button or option to allow viewing an “accessible” / “original” version, so the document can be read using a screen reader, while in the VirtualViewer web application.

  • Erik Christensen
  • Apr 26 2023
  • Under Review
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