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Support zoom in/out with mouse scroll

Currently zoomin/zoomout works with ctr+shift+pluskey and ctrl+shift+minusKey. (With the current Hotkeys library VirtualViewer has implemented)

We want to configure zoomin/zoomout with mouse actions like scroll up and scroll down. We have tried modifyfing the hotkeys configuration as ctrl+shift+scroll up and ctrl+shift+scrollup(in config.js) but it did not work. (It appears the current Hotkeys library VirtualViewer has implemented, does not support scroll or it does not work)

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  • Dec 20 2022
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  • A J commented
    1 Feb, 2023 07:10pm

    Ctrl + mouse up/down would be great for zooming in/out! That way we can still using the mouse scroll to go up and down on the pages, and introducing just use of Ctrl let's use zoom in (similar to how this works within Chrome browser for zooming in). Or, if this will confuse the browser since Ctrl already does this for the entire browser window, then how about use of Shift instead.